Direct Placement

NCG Inc has expertise in filling both permanent and consulting IT positions. Drawing on a vast pool of top talent, NCG Inc ensures that our clients have access to leading professionals in key technology fields.

NCG Inc has experience with clients in a variety of industries, and understands clients needs for executives and professionals who can establish or maintain a leadership position. Through our screening processes, we take the time to evaluate and select the candidates that are right for the position as well as for your organization.

Our executive placement program carefully chooses people with the right qualifications, background and skills to fit a particular position in your organization. As a result of their ability to fit in, your team becomes more efficient, more knowledgeable and more self-sufficient. Our goal is to help our customers gain the competitive edge.

The permanent staffing segment includes three distinct divisions: Database Selection, Advertised Recruitment, and Turnkey Recruitment Services.

Database Selection

b Primarily addresses requirements for middle/junior management staff.
b Growing database of over 2,50,000 professionals.
b Automated web-enabled database for speedy matching of profiles
b Quick response time to client requirements.
b Already short-listed CVs save time.
b Informed sourcing.

Advertised Recruitment

b Targets specific segments of professionals for specialized roles.
b Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and budgets.
b Eases the process of finding suitable candidates.
b To create awareness and interest in client’s organization.
b Dedicated teams to understand client's needs, organization structure, culture, and the role linkages.
b Email id and server space allocated to handle the email responses.

Turnkey Recruitment

A pioneering service in India offered by NCG Inc, Turnkey Recruitment caters to large requirements from clients.

Value proposition for users

Turnkey Recruitment addresses the needs in junior/middle management levels. It is best suited for start-ups, new project manning, plant expansion, and scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams (e.g., sales/servicing teams). Regular Advertising support and our presence in 82 offices across 48 locations in India helped us achieve the following:

b Mobilize internal resources to process large volume responses.
b Manage the selection of required personnel.
b Manage administrative details and logistics.

Turnkey Recruitment - Special features

b Provides 'ready-to-work' workforce against time schedule.
b Mass recruitment & project implementation at multiple locations.
b Multi-pronged approach to access resource pool.



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