Guarenteed Delivery

Many high-level managers find it difficult to find and hire the market's best-of-breed talent with the explosion of new technology over the last five years. Investing the appropriate amount of time to locate, interview, and hire the correct person for the job gets harder and harder. The NCG Inc Guaranteed Delivery Program is designed to solve this problem.

NCG Inc's Guaranteed Delivery Program is a simple process that allows you to meet your need quickly. The process is as follows:

b We meet with you to specify in detail exactly what is needed (number of resources, skill sets, personality, work environment, and project details).
b After agreeing upon a start date and price, NCG Inc identifies, interviews, tests, and screens candidates.
b NCG Inc carefully selects qualified consultants to work on your projects.
b You evaluate the consultant during the first 80 hours of work.
b If after the first 80 hours, you are not completely satisfied with the NCG Inc consultant, you are not billed for the consultant's hours, and NCG Inc will replace the consultant. If you approve of the consultant's work, he or she remains on contract.

The Guaranteed Delivery Program allows NCG Inc to reduce clients' time and expenses significantly, and maximizes your ability to bring immediate benefit to your organization. This program has been extremely successful in acquiring even difficult to find skills for our clients. This is true because this program accounts for the realities of the market as well as our client's hiring process.

NCG Inc is able to guarantee delivery because of our unique approach to sourcing and the resources of an industry leader. For more information on the NCG Inc Guaranteed Delivery Program, contact our local office today.