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How can NCG Inc help you today?


NCG Inc provides state-of-the-art consulting and IT services to clients globally -
combining knowledgeable resources and flexible technologies to offer high quality,
low-cost products and services. NCG Inc is a trusted provider of Information
Technology Services and Resources in the United States since 1996. We deploy
human intellectual capital to meet an organization's information technology goals
using the optimal mix of internal staff, outside consulting resources, and project


NCG Inc solutions allow companies and IT departments to take a strategic approachto securing the knowledge resources needed to accomplish their informationtechnology objectives. Some technology initiatives may require mission-critical skillsthat will be needed for extended periods of time or by internal staff. Other initiativesmay have shorter life cycles and are best suited to using third party consultingresources. Still other initiatives are so complex that they require a specific specialtyor industry focus that leverages experience and expertise. No matter whichapproach is required, NCG Inc offers a value-added solution that matches yourgoals and needs.


NCG Inc is a leading provider of staffing, consulting, and solutions in the disciplines of information technology, finance, pharmaceutical and healthcare. NCG Inc delivers its services to government entities and businesses in virtually all industries throughout the United States.


NCG Inc aims to expand its global network and invest in new people; operating systems; information technology; and quality. Buoyed up by the success of the two new verticals, BFSI and Oil & Gas practices, NCG Inc plans to launch more such verticals in other industry segments.


Human resource management has become an increasingly complex and challenging area today. NCG Inc’s firm adherence to business ethics and commitment to meet and exceed client expectations will stand us in good stead to retain the trust and goodwill of clients, shareholders, employees and customers, worldwide. With every step that takes us closer to the goal, we raise the bar higher. We believe this quest for excellence will shape NCG Inc into a world-class organization that sets a global benchmark for the best HR services and HR Outsourcing solutions.

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